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Clinton Chiropractors With Two Locations

Welcome to Anderson County Family Chiropractic & Morgan County Chiropractic

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Morgan county chiropractor

Dr. Berk, Dr. Farmer & family

Welcome to Anderson County Family Chiropractic and Morgan County Chiropractic Offices, where our family and staff are here to serve you and your family with safe, effective chiropractic care for you to begin living your life again by ending your pain.

Clinton Chiropractors Dr. Jacqueline Berk and Dr. J. Brad Farmer provide chiropractic care to help you resolve your current condition and feel better than you have in a long time. We want to help you discover a wellness lifestyle in order for you to enjoy what is really important to you without suffering or worrying.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care covers a wide range of health concerns including neck pain, headaches, migraines, back pain, numbness and tingling into the hands and feet, sciatica, disc injuries, sports injuries, work and car injuries and repetitive motion injuries, like hours on your computer or texting and so much more!

We want you to be able to sleep well, perform your daily activities, enjoy your hobbies, play with your family, be able to work at your highest potential and just feel good about yourself. Chiropractic can help you perform at your best, whether you are a weekend warrior or a mom who wants to have more energy to take care of her family better.

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We want you to feel at ease when you come to our offices. We will educate you on the importance of the nervous system and how it impacts your function of your body. We want you to understand that the human body is the most amazing creation and why it needs to be maintained so it will function at its best for a very long time. Remember anything that you place value on requires maintenance your body should be the most important thing you value and maintain! You only have one and it cannot ever be totally replaced!

Please contact us at Anderson County Family Chiropractic or Morgan County Chiropractic to schedule your appointment with our chiropractors Clinton and end your pain today!

Anderson County Family Chiropractic

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325 S Charles G Seivers Blvd
Clinton, TN 37716
Phone: (865) 457-8888
Morgan County Chiropractic

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1277 Knoxville Hwy
Wartburg, TN 37887
Phone: (423) 346-5656
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