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New Patient Reviews

  • I feel that the Anderson County Family Chiropractic can help me get back to doing things that I have not been able to do for a very long time. Thank you.
    - Jama M.
  • I was very impressed with Dr. Farmer. I am hopeful that he can help me and avoid back surgery. The receptionist was very friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to working with this team. Thank you!
    - Linda R.
  • I see Hope in my future for Less Back Pain….I’ve suffered (even with medication!) for a lot of years. Longer than I should’ve. I look forward to my next visit!!
    - Charlotte P.
  • My first time seeing a chiropractor so I had doubts. Was blown away by how he explained my problem perfectly and by 2nd visit I was feeling so much better! Everyone is so friendly!
    - Suzanne P.
  • I think this is an awesome place and I am hoping to have good results with her. Thank you!
    - Thomasina W.
  • Everyone recommends your practice to their friends and families. There can’t be a better compliment than that.
    -Janet F.
  • Dr Berk is wonderful and so is the receptionist Karen. I was able to be seen several days sooner try than my original appointment date.
    - Jessica W.
  • Dr. Berk was very upbeat and positive! I’m sure I will return for all my chiropractic care here!
    - Bethany B.
  • I was very impressed with all of the staff. So nice and caring.
    - Phyllis B.
  • This was by far the most thorough and professional chiropractic first visit I have ever experienced.
    -Gail S.
  • Felt I had made the right decision.

    -Kenneth M.
  • Dr. Berk was caring and professional. I felt improvement after my first visit!
    - Barbara A.
  • Dr.Berk was very helpful. I loved her positive attitude. Thank you!
    - Art M.
  • Was nervous but he was very knowledgeable and excellent at what he does. Listened and explained everything very good. Wish every first experience was great like this.
    - Chemeea A.
  • You guys took the time to really evaluate me and come up with a plan to fix what is wrong. I really appreciate that you honestly seem to care about my well being and making sure I get better! Thank you so much!
    -Amie M.
  • Everyone was very helpful and nice.
    -Deborah B.

Able to Live My Life Pain-Free

I suffered from debilitating migraine headaches, 2-3 times per week. I started chiropractic care about a year ago. I have had 3 migraines in 11 months! It is a miraculous result and affords me such freedom! I am forever grateful to Dr. Berk and Suzy for working with me to be sure I get the care I need to maintain this "migraine-free" way of life. I am able to live my life pain-free, with my independence restored. No more being in bed with a cold rag on my head 2 or 3 days per week!

I highly recommend Anderson County Family Chiropractic to anyone who wants their life back from chronic pain or issues of any kind. I guarantee you that you will be released from the prison of pain you are in. I thank the Lord every day that you folks are in my life for good!
- Karen H.

I Loved My Visit!

I loved my visit! I enjoyed the thoroughness of the entire visit. Starting with my check-in, my time with Dr. Berk and my check-out process. They took the time to make sure I knew the process and why she chose the plan she chose. I loved that I got to learn the “why’s” behind my problems and the solutions.
– Bullard J.

I Feel So Happy

I almost cancelled my appointment because I was not hurting anymore but something told me not to. I'm so glad I went! I've never been to a chiropractor before so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I feel so happy I saw Dr. Berk. I have back issues that would have only gotten worse. Now I'm staying ahead of the game and I know I'll get better, for rest of my long life ahead. Thank you so much! :)
- Susan D.

I Feel Much Better

The staff and physician were excellent. I was in pain when I arrived. I left in much better shape and could move without pain.
– Jan W.

Very Impressive!

Very impressive! The personal time to get to know me and my concerns was appreciated. Instead of rushing the appointment, more time was taken to explain the ‘why' and how my quality of life will be improved over time. I am looking forward to being pain free. I have already shared my experience with colleagues.
- Jody C.

Miracle Worker

Dr. Berk has been a miracle worker for my wife after her fall and unable to walk. Now that I had a bad fall from my roof top and landing on top of a two ton air conditioner it’s my time to get myself back to normal. My first visit was great and looking forward to the many more.
– Donald C.

Feeling Relief!

For the first time I feel I can possibly keep this job in which I want to. After six years, I really don't want to step down or start over! Thank you for explaining everything so clearly! Very friendly and helpful staff also! Thank you so much for the relief!!
- Cara C.

In Good Hands With Dr. Berk

This was my first visit with Dr. Berk. I am impressed by her knowledge and skill. I have already felt an improvement in my back, and I look forward to continuing my treatments. I am confident that I am “good hands” with Dr. Berk.
– Janice W.

Very Hopeful

I have been in pain for so long and I am very hopeful after my visit with Mr. Farmer that my quality of life has a great chance to improve.
- Denny P.

Thanks So Much

Finally, I can see some hope for an end to my pain in my back and knee. Thanks so much!
– Mildred R.

Love Dr. Berk!

Dr. Berk is wonderful!!!!
- Susan G.

A Pleasant Surprise

What a pleasant surprise to find a top notch facility in Wartburg, TN. The Dr. was kind, engaging and professional. I was impressed from the moment I stepped in the door. The waiting room was full. People checking in and out, phone ringing. Even though they were busy the front office staff greeted me with a hello and a smile. I will be keeping my next appointment on Friday.
– Janet M.

Really Care For Their Patients

They really care about their patients. I have a lot of confidence in Dr Berk. My wife will be seeing her soon I hope.
- Frank B.

Worth The 30 Minute Drive!

My first chiropractic visit ever and I was put at ease and given explanations throughout my entire visit. It’s worth the 30 minute drive!
– Michele W.

Come To Anderson County Chiropractic

I will encourage anyone that has back trouble to come to Anderson county chiropractic.
- Carl S.

Highly Recommend

It was a pleasure meeting all of you. Wish you were in Ohio. I shall see you my next trip to TN. My body is saying “Go see Dr. Berk” I felt fantastic when I left TN. I would high recommend Dr. Berk for your chiropractic needs. Healing hands she does have. – Nancy C.

Very Satisfied

Very satisfied with everything that I experienced with my first visit to your office looking forward to my next appointment with the hope of recovery. You and your staff were very helpful and courteous. Thank you!- Marsha H.

Freedom From Pain

I feel very comfortable with the professionalism demonstrated by my doctor. I was impressed by her thorough evaluation of my overall well being. She found something we are addressing, that had not been picked up by my current family physician.This tells me she is attentive and wants to ensure my overall goal of being pain free and healthy. That makes me feel I have made a great choice to allow her to work with me to make my life more fulfilling. I’m looking forward to a continued relationship and more freedom from pain the future. – Steven P.