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Your First Visit

What Can You Expect at Your First Visit?

Welcome to Anderson County Family Chiropractic in Clinton

Giving you the best care we can!

We pride ourselves in giving you the best care we can. Our priority is your health concerns and your wellness. At your first visit you will be greeted by our wonderful caring staff: Angela or Susie. They have been devoted employees with us for over thirty years combined. We are so blessed to have them. Our patients feel the same way about them as we hope you do too. They will collect the online paperwork you or assist you with your paperwork and answer any questions you may have regarding your appointment including financial questions. They will then give you a tour of our offices so you will be familiar with the flow of our offices.

After the tour you will meet either Dr. Berk or Dr. Farmer who will sit down with you and listen to your concerns and determine if you would be a candidate for chiropractic care. If we feel we can’t help you we will refer you to another physician.We want you to succeed with chiropractic care yet sometimes it is not what you need and our purpose is to help you begin you life again by ending your pain so occasionally we have to refer you.

We Explain Everything First

After your complimentary consultation and you decide you would like to see if chiropractic care can help, we do a complete exam to learn as much as possible about your condition. The exam consists of a thorough chiropractic history, physical,neurological and orthopedic tests. We assess your posture, examine your spine,evaluate your range of motion, balance, reflexes, nerve sensations and muscle strength. An x- ray examination of the areas of concern is also performed so we can check the health of your spine visually to see if there is any vertebral dysfunction and to rule out any complicating factors such as: fractures or diseases of the spine that need to be referred to another specialist.

At the conclusion of the examination we will schedule you back to the office for your report of findings visit to discuss your findings from the examination and let you know if you are a chiropractic candidate based upon your consultation and examination.The first visit you should allow yourself approximately an hour from the time you walk into the office to the time you leave.