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Your Second Visit

What to Expect From Your Second Visit?

Can chiropractic help me?

Can chiropractic help me?

The second visit is to answer many questions that you have. What’s wrong with me? Can chiropractic help? How long will it take? How much will this cost me?

During this visit Dr. Berk and Dr Farmer answer these questions and any others you may have so you can make the decision to start beginning your life by ending your pain through chiropractic care. Once you inform us you would like to start we will bring you to one of our adjusting rooms. We will explain to you what an adjustment feels like and how our tables and instruments work prior to us treating you. When you feel ready we will adjust you.

After Your First Adjustment

After your first adjustment we will bring you up to the front desk to schedule your regular visits of care so you can get the most convenient time for your schedule and you will discuss your financial responsibility. Please plan to be in the office approximately 30 minutes for the second visit. We always encourage you to bring your spouse or other family members so they too can understand what is wrong with you and how chiropractic can help.

Chiropractic care is unique because it requires time and repetition. We work for you, but we need your commitment to come to your scheduled visits so we can provide you the care you need.

Give us a call at Anderson County Family Chiropractic or Morgan County Chiropractic to schedule your appointment.